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Seven Annoying Things Parents Repeat

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Most people think its kids who say silly things to their parents, but sometimes parents also make annoying comments which could have a major impact on the kids. There are certain phrases that almost every parent might have said (at least once) to their child.

  1. You will Understand When You are Older: Most parents think their kids are too young to understand right now. They usually say, “You will get it when you will get into real world”.     OMGA002-1
  2. Mother Knows the Best: Whether it is about choosing your clothes or a life partner, according to mothers, they know the best.OMGA002-2
  3. If your Best Friend Jumps off a cliff, would you do that too?: Parents use this phrase when you compare your situation with your best buddy. You cannot even say “Of course not, I am not an idiot”.OMGA002-3
  4. You don’t Know what Hard Work Is: You are studying for classes, doing part-time jobs and making friends for life, but according to parents, you still don’t know the meaning of hard work.OMGA002-4
  5. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Almost every child on the planet has heard the phrase from their parents. So, next time before asking for some cash, remember money doesn’t grow on trees.OMGA002-5
  1. You can’t have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend: you can party with your friends. Go on a tour with them and even can date someone, but you cannot have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
    Image Source: WikiHow

    Image Source: WikiHow

  1. Don’t talk if You Have Nothing Nice to Say: It makes sense when you have nothing at all to say. Sometimes, there are things that are required to be said, but parents don’t think so, always.OMGA002-7
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