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Seven Most Beautiful Drives across the World

Seven Most Beautiful Drives across the World
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Sometimes, it’s not just about destination. There are millions of miles of roads around the world, and some of those roads offer amazing view of surrounding landscapes. Here are seven most beautiful roads around the world in terms of beauty and navigation.


  1. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in UAE: This road offers panoramic view of Al Ain town. The amazing road carves a path through a mountain and ends at the peak of the mountain. At the peak, there is a hotel and a restaurant.       OMGA015-1


  1. Great Ocean Road in Australia: If you want to witness nature at its best, you must drive through the Great Ocean Road. The road runs from Torquay to Warrnambool. While driving through this road, you can witness the breathtaking coastal views.


  1. Milford Road in New Zealand: The road is always the favorite of people who want to witness gorgeous and naturalistic views. The Milford Road is so amazing that you can’t resist yourself from putting a brake during your drive on this road.OMGA015-3


  1. Rohtang Pass in India: India is a perfect place to witness natural beauty. While viewing most beautiful glaciers, rivers and clouded mountaintops on Rohtang Pass, you must be careful.


  1. Overseas Highway in the US: This highway-bridge connects mainland Florida and vacation hotspot the Florida Keys. A drive through this highway provides magnificent view of water surrounding it.OMGA015-5


  1. Stelvio Pass in Italy: This highway is the most visited road in the world. The road is usually considered as very dangerous, but the scenery around it will force you to drive through the road again.OMGA015-6


  1. Ruta 40 in Argentina: This road stretches more than 5,000 kilometers. The classic road in western Argentina is the longest road in the country. There are many remote areas surrounding the road.  OMGA015-7
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