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10 Amazing Facts About Food

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Who doesn’t love food? Ever individual in this world love food and has it. It is something that can be discussed for hours. There are countless recipes of foods around the world. But, how much you know about the food? Here are some amazing facts about your food that will blow your mind.

1.    You may love to consume egg, but according to food experts, eggs are the most common allergy causing foods. OMGS017-2

2.    Consumption of dairy products could lead to acne.

3.    The most expensive coffee in the world is brewed from beans that are digested and defecated by the animal, Asian palm civet.

4.    People usually complaint about the bad food served in airplanes. In actual, the food doesn’t taste better in airplanes because sense of smell and taste decrease there.

5.    Today’s chicken contains more than 200% more fat that it did about four decades ago.

6.    In emergency situations, coconut water can be served as a substitute for blood plasma.

7.    Chocolates, which are considered as injurious to teeth, are actually good for your teeth and fights bacteria in your mouth.

8.    In the year 1450, there were no tomatoes in Italian food, chili peppers in Indian food and peanuts in Thai food.

9.    Bananas can help in fighting depression.

10.    Honey is the only food in this world that never rots. It can last for about 3,000 years.

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