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10 Most Believed Superstitions of India

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India is a South Asian country which is best known for its religions. Here, language and custom changes after few kilometer. With many religions, the country has large number of unique and surprising superstitions. Here are 10 of the most believed superstitions in the county that are connected with old ideas.


  1. It is considered as bad luck if you call out someone’s name when they’re leaving the place.OMGA0191-1


  1. If black cat crosses your path, you will have a bad day. You will have to wait for someone else to cross that path.OMGA0191-2


  1. If you cut your nails or hair on some days of week, particularly Tuesday and Thursday, then something bad will happen with your brother.OMGA0191-3


  1. The power of kohl or lemon-chilies could save you from bad people who want to harm you with their ‘evil eye’.OMGA0191-4


  1. You are impure after you return from a funeral. You have to spray some water droplets on you after returning from a funeral.OMGA0191-5


  1. Instead of giving someone 100 or 500 rupees, you must give them 101 or 501. The extra rupee is supposed to bring good luck.OMGA0191-6


  1. You should never look into broken mirrors as it brings bad luck.OMGA0191-7


  1. Bad luck comes in threes. Instead of going somewhere with your two friends, go with three.OMGA0191-8


  1. Twitchy left eye in omen for men, while twitchy right eye is omen for women.OMGA0191-9


  1. Don’t sneeze if someone is going to perform some important task.OMGA0191-10
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