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10 Relationship Fears A Guy Secretly Can Have

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Every single guy in a relationship has dealt with some fears. He may never admit he worries about some things, but he does. Here are some relationship fears that a guy can have.

1.    He fears his girl will leave him if she gets to know him better and well. OMGS017-8

2.    He thinks being in relationship means losing independence. He fears his girl could be the clingiest person in the world.

3.    Sometimes, a guy fears that his girl will left him halfway through the relationship. He fears of being cheated on.

4.    He fears his girl will left him because he is not well-established yet.

5.    He never knows what the right time to commit is. He has feelings, but doesn’t know how to tell his girl about them.

6.    Sometimes, a guy feels he is not good enough for a girl, especially when he doesn’t have money.

7.     He fears of losing other relationships in his life.

8.    A guy fears that the girl could leave him just as feelings start to get serious.

9.    He fears that his lifestyle might be opposite to his girl which could end their relationship.

10.    A guys usually fears of change. He thinks his girl will leave him for another guy better than him.

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