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10 things you can relate to if you are obsessed with your shoes

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1.    In your wardrobe, you have more number of shoes as compared to clothes to wear them with.OMGS0183-1
2.    Your friends always consult you for advice when it comes to shoes. Well, everybody knows how knowledgeable you are when it comes to shoes.
3.    You decide the shoes to be worn first and the dress later. While going to some party or wedding, you are like the dress can be matched accordingly.
4.    To you, shoes are like your pets. You keep the boxes of those trendy heels you bought, even if they are years old. You never forget to keep them clean.
5.    You buy the shoes first and the dress is matched with them afterwards. This proves how obsessed you are with shoes.
6.    When you see the people who wear the same shoes daily, you say that it’s like ‘dal chawal for pachaas saal’ till you die.
7.    For you a shoe sale is like living in Paradise, as you get a chance to buy 2 at the price of one. What else you can wish for.
8.    You have a number of colors of the same type of shoes. And, whenever somebody asks you about it, you justify it by saying that they looked beautiful on your foot in all colors.
9.    You save money to spend on shoes. No parties, no spending on other things, after all, all you want are a new pair of shoes.
10.    When you need to take them to a cobbler, it’s your worst nightmare. You can just not see the cobbler hold your favorite heels with greased hands. It gives you pain when you see him using sharp instruments on your shoes.

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