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5 beauty rules you should be breaking

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1.    When it comes to being beautiful, girls think that only those girls are beautiful who are slim. They take part in the race and focus on losing weight. But, to all these girls outside there, don’t get sucked into the idea that beauty only comes in a certain size. It doesn’t. You are beautiful darling in your skin.OMGS0188-1

2.    It’s a myth that if you look younger, you are more beautiful. Every phase of a person’s life has its own beauty. Try to remain fit but never think that you are getting ugly with age. It’s not like that.

3.    The problem with most beauty rules is that they assume that you, as you are right now, aren’t beautiful. Most of the people assume that the word ‘beautiful’ refers to physical attractiveness, which is not true. In reality it’s defined as possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc. It’s not possible that everybody will like your style or find you attractive. But when you look at beauty more broadly, then you will find that it’s easy to break all kinds of stupid beauty rules.

4.    Don’t just follow what others have to say about beauty, make up. Wear make up in your own way, the way in which you find yourself more beautiful.

5.    Follow your own style. Always prefer clothes that make you feel good and look great on your body type. Trust me they have a much longer shelf life. If you would make that the criteria for choosing new clothes, then, it will help you avoid regrettable purchases. You’ll also be free from having to keep up with current trends.

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