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5 places to pause for more peace in your life

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1.    While you are in a conversation, consider a pause. Never be afraid of the silence. The pause you take at that time is precious as it not only brings you back to the moment, but it shows that you value the heart, time and attention that someone else is bringing to the table.OMGS0187-1
2.    The worst time to react is when you feel hurt. At that time, there is too much fuel on the fire of your pain to think clearly. Better to pause, take a walk, sleep on it, or do what you need to do to craft a response that will be helpful instead of hurtful. Otherwise, you get caught in a cycle with no resolution.
3.    Some people check their phone again and again. If they are bored, or worried, they might be checking their phone or digital device more than they think. Checking email and other apps might also be a way of procrastinating too.
4.    There must be a pause at the time of getting up. If you want to be more productive and peaceful throughout the day, create a meaningful morning routine. Before you hit the snooze button, or jump out of bed and into your email, pause, stretch and be grateful for the possibilities that the day holds. By taking care of yourself first, you will allow yourself to take better care of your passions and the people you love.
5.    Keep a check on your shopping. Try a shopping pause for a month. Instead of buying something, just write down what you think about buying along with the price. Keep the track of the items you want to buy and the money you would have spent buying them. After a month, choose one of them, and buy it with your saved money. This would give you a lot of peace.

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