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5 worst ways of proposing a girl

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Here are the worst ways of proposing a girl, and you should definitely keep in mind when somebody proposed you:

1.    If your boyfriend asks you to marry him while scanning his credit card statement, then there are chances that he’s just figured out how much cheaper his life would be if you two got hitched. OMGS0182-1
2.    If he can’t keep his eyes on you during this of all moments, when he is proposing you then maybe he shouldn’t be proposing and you certainly shouldn’t be accepting. Such an act is not only disrespectful but is also showing that he has a roving eye.
3.    Keep in mind that email is convenient for sure but it’s certainly not romantic. If somebody proposes to a girl on an email it means one of two things, either he is really lazy or he’s really busy. Both ways show that it’s a pretty insensitive thing to do and if he doesn’t even have the patience to type out the words in full, then you must think again.
4.    Come on it is thoughtlessness of a guy, if he decides to propose to a girl at a fast food joint. Squeezing in a ‘will you marry me’ while squeezing a packet of ketchup is one of the most unromantic gestures ever. In this case, if you accept the proposal then get ready to resign yourself to a lifetime of living with a food-obsessed couch potato.
5.    Never decide to propose to a girl just after chatting with your mother. In this case, the girl might think that you are probably acting on her instruction. In such a case if a girl agrees then the girl is definitely going to be stuck with a momma’s boy and a bossy mother-in-law.

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