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6 Mindset you need to have to be happy

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1. If you are a perfectionist then you don’t get time on enjoying things. All you will be seen doing is looking for the faults in things and others. So, if you want to be happy, ditch your inner perfectionist. At times accepting the things as they come give you a lot of pleasure.

Enjoying the sun

2. Never let that curiosity in you die. Love to learn new things. More and more knowledge, enlightenment boosts the inner self. This gives you a kind of satisfaction which is must to stay happy.

3. Never resist taking risks, and always have the courage to fail. Winning or losing is the later part of everything; first of all you need to take first step which is definitely to give it a try. So, never fail to try, you never know what wonders you can do. If succeed will boost you up, if failed then it would come as a lesson to lead a better life.

4. Live life in a beautiful way. Don’t just lead a boring living. Be creative, try to do things in your own way and you would feel a kind of happiness.

5. Focus on what you want from life, and work in that direction. Forget for one minute what your friends demand, your teachers require and your family expect of you, and look at the way you want your life to be. Your happiness is in your hands.

6. Try to surround yourself with positive people. Positive people lift you up, leaving you in a happy place, with no negative thoughts.

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