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7 Childhood Games That Taught Us Valuable Lessons

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Childhood is the best part of our life because best things usually happen in that age. Everything about childhood is awesome, especially games. Childhood games not only helped in keeping us fit and healthy, but also taught us some valuable lessons. Here are some childhood games which taught us some important life lessons.

1.    Snake and Ladder: Today, you can play high definition games on your smartphone, but those games cannot match the standard set by snake and ladder. This game taught us that risks are important to taste success.OMGS017-1

2.    Kho- Kho: The tag sport is an outdoor game which enhanced our presence of mind and attentiveness.

3.    Dog and the bone: It was a very popular game when we didn’t have smartphones. The game taught us it is important to keep an eye on your target and grabbing the right opportunity to achieve it.

4.    Hide and Seek: It was an unmatchable game which was loved by every single child on the planet. The game helped us in learning that there is no one in this world who can protect us better than ourselves.

5.    Five Stones: This game includes five stones of same size, where a player had to make balance. The game taught us that one must be focused to achieve his/her goals.

6.    Kabaddi: Kabaddi is a team sport which showed us the real meaning of team work.

7.    Carrom: Carom is a popular game worldwide which taught us to stay focused and hit the bull’s eye at right time.

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