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7 Cool Things to do when there is No Internet

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Most of people around the world are living their life sitting in front of their computers. Today’s generation cannot even think to live without technology. They are spending a huge amount of time on social networking sites. There is world outside Internet. Here are seven of the things that you can do when there is no Internet.

1. There was a time when television was the source of entertainment. It can still be entertaining and fun. You can entertain yourself by watching TV.Young woman watching television, rear view
2. Every person must have a hobby. When there is no Internet, you can spend some time in doing things that you love. OMGA0196-2
3. Newspapers are one of the best sources to know about the world. In the absence of internet, you can read news.Man Reading Newspaper 2000
4. There is nothing better than having a quality time with friends. You can have a picnic with your buddies.OMGA0196-4
5. Some people think cooking is girls’ thing, but that’s not true. There are many men who love to cook. If you don’t have Internet, you can try making a dish. OMGA0196-5
6. Reading book is the best activity to do in the absence of Internet. You can pick a novel and read it.OMGA0196-6
7. Who doesn’t love to watch movies? Watching movies can be a great fun. You can buy some DVDs and watch them.OMGA0196-7

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