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7 Lines That Can Get You Rejected At A Job Interview

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Your resume was good enough to get you selected on an interview, but still they rejected you. Why? Sometimes, your answers do not satisfy the interviewer. Here are 7 lines that play a major role to force an interviewer not to select you. These lines are usually said by a person during interview.

1. Before we start the interview session, will you please tell me about the salary your company will offer me? I will not proceed if you are offering me less salary than my expectations. OMGA0183-1
2. You must consider my work experience before beginning the interview.

3. Please don’t ask me any personal questions and if you will ask, I will not answer.

4. It is important to put your phone on silent during interview. When your phone rings, you sometime say, “I’m sorry, I need to take this call”.

5. Can we speed this up? I have another interview scheduled and I have planned to arrive there on time.

6. I am the best and your company will never find an employee like me.

7. Are we done with the interview? Is it a yes or no?

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