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7 Strangest Phobias People Suffer From

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Every single individual in this world fears of something. Some people have fears that could be classified as more irrational. Here are seven of the strangest phobias people suffer from.

1. Ablutophobia: It is the fear of bathing, cleaning or washing. The phobia tends to more common in women and kids than adult men.OMGA0181-1
2. Automatonophobia: An individual develops automatonophobia phobia when he/she fears of something that falsely represent sentient beings.

3. Ergophobia: It is the fear of work or office environment. People with this phobia fear of failing at assigned tasks and public speaking.

4. Phobophobia: An individual with this phobia fears to have a phobia. It is linked to an anxiety disorder.

5. Nomophobia: It is the constant fear of not having service of mobile phone. As per some researchers in the UK, more than 50% of people in UK have this phobia.

6. Pentheraphobia: It is the fear of your mother-in-law. There are a number of married women around the world who develop this phobia.

7. Heliophobia: It is actually defined as fear of the sun. The phobia seems harmless, but it sometimes can be quite serious and lead to vitamin D deficiency. People with this phobia try to stay indoors.

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