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7 Tech related Things that Irritate Us the Most

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Being techie is fun. Today, technology has been helping us in performing a number of tasks easily, but sometimes it irritates us as well. Here are some things related to technology that irritate us.

1.    Today, almost every person has a smartphone. Applications like Whatsapp, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter in the device keep us connected with our friends, but sometimes too many notifications annoy us. OMGS017-3

2.    It is important to update those notification time by time, but sometimes, your phone keep on asking for update. Finally, you update the app and find that the latest version is same as the previous one.

3.    We see people who keep on asking for chargers. Today’s devices offer many interesting things to do, but their battery life is too short.

4.    Sometimes, new version of an app does not support your phone. That moment you feel like you have the worst gadget.

5.    There are so many websites on the Internet which connect us to our friends through a user account. Most of the people forget passwords often.

6.    There are so many applications to install. You want to install all of them on your phone, but sooner find that your phone doesn’t have enough space.

7.    Sometimes, when you are using an app, it crashes.

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