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7 Things Social Media Has Changed

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It is very difficult to believe that about ten years ago social media was little more than a growing trend. The change in the technology has changed our life. Here are seven of the things changed by social media.

1.    Political Campaigning: Before social took over, political leaders used to engage people through rallies visiting their constituencies. Today, they hire some social media experts to promote them.OMGA0197-1

2.    Vocabulary: About a decade ago, words like ‘share’, ‘comment’ and ‘post’ were far from people’s vocabulary, but today, even a kid can tell you what such words mean. OMGA0197-2

3.    Way of Debate: Before social media’s arrival, we used to engage in debates in coffee shops, saloon or tea stalls, but today, we have found a different platform in the form of social media to have a debate on a matter.OMGA0197-3

4.    Way to Spread Message: Through social media, we spread our aimed message by using hashtag, videos or a campaign. To do some noble causes, we share pictures and videos. Today, we believe in all talk and no action.OMGA0197-4

5.    Social Mindset: Social media has completely modified minds of its users. People can be seen raising their concerns and debating over different issues on social media. OMGA0195-5

6.    Real Meaning of Social Awareness: Today’s kid does not know the actual meaning of social awareness. Today, children score very good marks, but they don’t know what is going around them. OMGA0197-6

7.    Value of Communication: While on social media, you don’t have to speak. You talk to other people just by writing your views. Today, people talk to each other every day and when they meet in actual, they have nothing to communicate.          OMGA0197-7

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