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7 ways to expand your comfort zone

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You want to expand your comfort zone, don’t worry here are the easy ways to do so:
1.    Stop getting afraid of doing new things. The comfort zone is all about being safe, but safety doesn’t lead to change, you need to move out of the comfort zone, if you want to do something in life. Fear can lead you to the very edges of the comfort zone you are trying to expand.OMGS0184-1
2.    Stop following that same boring routine, break it. You can do so by choosing to drive a new route to work, eat different foods, listen instead of speaking first or change the order of your morning routine.
3.    Challenge your thought process by thinking new thoughts, because when we challenge habitual programming, we create new thought patterns, which create new feelings and then new behavior.
4.    Don’t let your curiosity die, embrace it. When you will wonder, it can lead you to expand the limits of your comfort zone. Want to learn more about the life around you, do it now. Allow life to teach you on a daily basis.
5.    Creativity is the best thing one has, as when we are stuck in our comfort zone we often do not see other options or choices. If we embrace our creativity, it allows us to tap into this new sense where we can express ourselves in new, less habitual ways. Try a new hobby, new activities, you never know, when you end up expanding options in all areas of our life.
6.    Be you, live the life in your own way. When you leave your comfort zone, you rely less on what other people think of you, and are free to explore new ways of being.
7.    Never ignore your intuition: The majority of us rely on our analytical minds rather than our intuitive sense. To trust intuition means we are accessing information from a different place.

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