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8 Things You Can Do On Internet For Free

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There are countless websites on Internet to surf, but most of them are expensive and burn a hole in your pocket to avail their services. Here is a list of cool things that you can do on Internet for free.

1.    Do you want to take the world’s best courses? Why not taking them for free. You can learn any course you wish to learn at Coursera.OMGS017-4

2.    You can learn some beats on Patatap without paying a single penny.

3.    Have you used applications like Photoshop on the Internet? Most of them need users to sign up. But, Pixlr doesn’t require you to sign up. There, you can manipulate pictures for free.

4.    If you love to read comics then you must go to Comic Prospector. There are many popular comics for free.

5.    If you are a gamer and want to play a high quality game, you can play them at BigPoint.

6.     You can also learn a language for free. Websites like ‘Duolingo’ allow users to learn free language learning in Spanish, French, Italian and many others.

7.    Sometimes, it becomes a challenge to send a 1 GB file, but you can send it by using Pando. It will be free of cost.

8.    There is no sure short way to figure out whether a person is lying, but can be very close to it by using Blifaloo.

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