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How to know it’s time to let go of your relation/marriage

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1. There is no love left between you both. Do you remember that feeling of love and all of the butterflies that you experienced in the beginning? If you don’t feel that anymore, then it’s the time to let go of a relationship.OMGA0171-1
2. In every relationship one need to resolve the hardships, it is very important but if you have absolutely no reason to resolve any problems in your relationship, why are you in it? Move on.

3. How do you feel toward your partner? Do you feel a bit resentful because you are in a relationship at all? Resentment is not a good feeling in a relationship and can lead to a lot of problems.

4. At times you don’t want to be with anyone at all and instead, you want to be by yourself. It’s okay for you to want to be by yourself. Give yourself some space and look again at your relation, whether it is making you
happy or not?

5. In case you have reached at a point where in one has started feeling lost then you’ve got to consider. Always remember that you should be able to still be yourself while being in a relationship.

6. In case you are constantly looking at other people because you aren’t attracted to your partner anymore, you’ve got to think about that!

7. When you are seriously considering breaking up but you haven’t done it yet, you dream of breaking up. You often think that it would be easier to not be with your partner and that you’d rather be with someone else or by
yourself. Then it’s the time to let go of your relationship.

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