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Top 7 Best Animated Movies of All Time

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There was a time when animated movies were made just to entertain kids, but now these days, even adults are keen to watch animated movies. Storyline and graphics of today’s animated movies are so compelling that everyone loves to watch them. Here are seven of the best animated movies of all time.

7. The Incredibles: Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures production companies’ movie was released in 2004 which was focused on a family of superheroes. Father is the strongest man.OMGA0187-1
6. Beauty and the Beast: It was the 30th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classic Series. The movie is based on the relationship between a Beast and a princess named Belle who he imprisons in his castle.

5. Alladin: This Walt Disney Pictures movie was released in 1992. There was also a television series with same name, characters and storyline. The film is about a poor petty thief, Alladin and his magical oil lamp.

4. WALL-E: The 2008 film by Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures is an American computer animated science fiction romantic comedy film.

3. How to Train Your Dragon: The franchise has two films. The first film was released in 2010 while the second was premiered in 2014. The storyline of the film is about a boy, his community, and his dragon.

2. Kung Fu Panda: The franchise has two films and according to rumors, third movie is going to release next year. The movie is about a panda that learn martial arts from a mouse.

1. Up: The 2009 movie is about an old man who is a balloon salesman He is about to fulfill a lifelong dream. He ties many balloons to his house and goes to the South American wilderness.

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