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10 Questions Indian couples are tired of answering

10 Questions Indian couples are tired of answering
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Indian couples are often asked about this, that, blah blah and blah. Here are some of the questions that Indian couples are tired of answering:

1. ‘Are your parents aware that you guys are going out with each other?’ Comeon, what the hell you have to do with that. It’s our life, stop poking. OMGA0177-1
2. Some people just ask you on your face in a public gathering that ‘I never thought you would settle down so quickly’. Yaar, you are asking as if we have done something wrong.

3. There are many who come to you saying that you guys have started looking alike. They would say, ‘So it is true that couples do begin to look like each other after a while. And we are like are you actually suggesting that I look like my boyfriend? Really? But he’s got a freaking beard!’

4. It is a very commonly asked question. You are often asked about, ‘How did you guys meet?’ ‘Why? Are you going write a book on us? Or what?

5. Some people have a habit of interfering. They say, ‘you guys look so perfect. I bet you never ever fight, right?’ Come on dude if you are trying to get me to talk about what all we fight about, nahhhh it’s a bad idea’

6. Many single friends have a habit of saying that, ‘Don’t you both miss being single? Such a statement from friends is very scary. If you want to stay single, stay but don’t try to stir shit up in my relationship!’

7. When two people are in a relationship, every then and now they are asked about when are they getting married? And are told that it’s high time for them both!’

8. The most ridiculous question asked to couples is that, ‘Are they both of the same religion?’ Well is that going to make any difference if the love is true, huh?

9. Couples are asked about who is the dominating one in the relationship? This is annoying.

10 It is very annoying when somebody comes and asks you if you both have thought of baby names and all? Another commonly asked question by old women in the family is about the couple’s plan of having a baby (within first few years of marriage).

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