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5 overprotective dog breeds

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1. All you need to know about Doberman Pinscher’s instincts to protect its master is that they were originally bred to be dogs that accompanied a tax collector around as he made his rounds. Presently, Dobermans are considered some of the very best guard dogs among all, with an aggressive nature that often makes them stereotyped as dogs that are harmful to strangers and children.OMGA0176-1
2. Search far and wide for all manner of dog breeds, but you will never find one with the size and power of the Bullmastiff. They sure to be a protective force that can intimidate anyone thinking of breaking into a property where they are stationed, no matter what they happen to guard within its four walls.

3. Some breeds like the Irish wolfhound have been raised to react to the sight of their prey, so that they go into attack mode at the sight of a new person or animal. Wolfhounds, as their name suggests, are tough and loyal enough to hunt down large predators who pose a threat to the farm or flocks, but are often gentle enough to be kept as family dogs that get along well with children. When it comes to meeting new persons, however, wolfhounds need to be restrained or else they will bark and even attack someone who comes onto their territory.

4. A giant schnauzer can weigh as much as 100 pounds and the breed has been put to practical use for centuries as work dogs capable of helping farmers take their livestock to the market, helping to guard homes or buildings, and working with police to smell out narcotics or explosives. These are particularly quiet dogs that rarely bark unless they feel threatened, making them an excellent choice for families that want a source of protection without needing to tell their dog to stay silent.

5. Perhaps the most aptly named of all dogs in the world, Great Danes have the size needed to intimidate strangers and other dogs, but are often known as gentle giants if their owner has properly trained them to be able to interact with people and other canines. They love to be around people, children, and other dogs, and will not bark or act aggressively towards any persons or canines unless trained to do so.

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