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6 Little things that happy couples do everyday

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1. No matter how busy they are in this fast paced life, they spend time together. They try to take out at least half an hour from their busy schedule, and utilize it. They meet up for lunch rendezvous, or go for a grocery date.

2. They communicate. Communicating is important it is a form of bonding. If you have a real conversation at least once a day then it is enough to wipe away any kind of misunderstanding.

3. If you both go to bed at the same time, it doesn’t always mean you are going to have sex. You can simply lie down with your partner under the blanket and cuddle huddle. It will make you both happy. It has been proven that the body odor of your partner has certain chemical keys that instigate comfort or a sense of security in you. So, cuddling is a special response to a healthy relationship.

4. Some couples don’t believe in doing silly things together. They don’t hug and kiss each other regularly. But the reality is that this ‘silly’ matter is actually a powerful medicine to keep you two happy.

5. Happy couples believe in enjoying PDA, which stands for Public Display of Affection. They hold hands while walking, and do give each other a random hug while waiting on the signals, a little kiss on the cheeks, or at times act as strangers to bring spark in life.

6. They grow common interest. Sharing some common interests (not all) with your partner is a sign of healthy relationship. Happy couples tend to enjoy each other’s company no matter what they are doing.

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