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6 Things you should never say to a bride to be

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Your friend is going to get married and you must be super excited but here we list a few things you should never say to your bride to be:

1. No matter the bride to be is rocking a stud on her finger or a 10 carat diamond, never ever say that her ring is small. By doing such a thing you will only hurt her feelings and make her feel bad.


2. Never say any word about the ring’s quality. Never ask whether it is a real diamond or something else. Everything given with love is beautiful and valuable. So, don’t mess it up with your desire to know the detail.

3. Every wedding has a different budget. Every bride tries her best to do the absolute best they possibly can with their price range. It really hurts their feelings when people comment about the financial cost of the wedding.

4. The worst ever thing you can to an already stressed out bride-to-be is comment on her body. All the brides want to lose a few pounds before the big day of their life and not everyone is successful in losing those extra kilos. So, don’t make her feel worse or ruin her mood. Never say her that, ‘you are going to diet, right?’

5. Even if you don’t like the groom, approve the groom, don’t be over expressive with your point of view. He is going to be her life partner not yours. Instead sit down, help her out in marriage preparation, then pointing out such things. She is happy, only that should matter to you.

6. A bride picks a dress she emotionally connects with so she may take it personally if you question her taste. Follow the adage ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all,’ comment on something else, or ask about her veil.

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