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8 Emotions A Book Lover Goes Through While Reading a New Book

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Everything about reading is interesting for a book lover. Sometimes, when you are walking down a street and suddenly see a new book whose review you have read recently and get excited to grab it. Are you a book lover? Here are some of the emotions you go through while reading a new book.

1. When you see a new book while walking down the street, you want the book and push other people in the store to grab it. OMGA0201-1
2. Once you get the book, you run to your home so that you can read it as soon as possible.

3. You rush to your room, grab a blanket, put your phone on silent and start reading the book.

4. First ten pages of book make you fall in love with one of the character of the book.

5. You decide to finish the book as soon as possible so that you can tell the spoilers to your friends who haven’t read the books.

6. You just wish you could get into the book and shake some sense into the character’s head.

7. You start imagining the end of the story.

8. After the book is over, you think what will you do with the rest of your life now?OMGA0201-2

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