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8 Signs You Are Addicted to Social Media

8 Signs You Are Addicted to Social Media
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Sharing all the cool stuff that happens in your life via social media has become a trend today. We are getting used to spend many hours on social media websites and the trend is rising among younger generation. Spending too much time on social media has been already termed as ‘addiction’ by medical experts. Are you addicted to social media? Here are signs you are mad about websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp and Viber.

1. Your phone is the first thing you check in the morning and that is also the last thing you do before you go to sleep. You check whether your friends have commented on your posts.OMGA0205-1
2. Social media websites like Instagram are as good as a blog or video diary for you.OMGA0205-2
3. You usually plan to go an awesome place, like a hill station or mall, just because you want to click a new photo to post it on social media.OMGA0205-3
4. You post many photos on social media websites. Your profile is usually flooded with pictures with friends, food and other cool stuffs.OMGA0205-4
5. You go to out for a party with friends and everyone around you waits to take their first bite of the food just because you are taking a photos to be shared online.

6. You cannot even skip posting stuff on your social media accounts during exams. You keep uploading pictures with hashtag #studying.

7. Your friends know social media is the only thing that can help them getting hold of you.

8. You have a habit of changing your profile name and profile photo too often.

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