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8 Struggles Only People with Long Hair Will Understand

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Taking care of long hair is certainly not an easy task. Here are some of the struggles only people with long hair can understand.

1. Almost daily, you spit on your hair while brushing your teeth. Adding to that, during winters, you face an irritating moment when your hair gets caught in your zip’s jacket.OMGA0204-1
2. You always have a messy bun which looks like a small animal on your head.OMGA0204-2
3. Long hair means more shampoo and hair products. You are forced to wash your hair daily. OMGA0204-3
4. You can leave our home without your pants, your short but you cannot go outside without a hair tie.

5. You get irritated when you find hair in your food. It would be probably yours but hair is never an ingredient to add in food.

6. You always have a love-hate relationship with your hair. They allow you to make different hair styles, but sometimes it becomes pain to maintain.

7. You usually meet people who ask you about your hair and want to touch them.

8. You spend a huge amount of money on buying hair products, because they get over so soon.

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