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8 Things People Do When They Break Up

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There are many people who may seem unfazed by a breakup, but after watching them closely, you will notice that they have hidden pain. They try to keep themselves busy so that nobody could see that sorrow. Here are 8 things people do when they break up.

1. First of all, they remove their ex from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Its better to do away with the things that link to your ex, once you both have chosen different paths.

2. Some people are too much addicted to social media that they announce about their break-up by posing about it. They also ask their friends if they have done the right thing.OMGA0207-2

3. Some people teach themselves a sad song on guitar. They keep on playing sad songs until someone notices and show sympathy.OMGA0207-3

4. Break-up is incomplete without getting drunk. Some people drink with their old friends, while some of them choose to get drunk alone.OMGA0207-4

5. After breakup, people try to keep themselves busy with work and other engagements. They begin doing things that they have not done for the past many years.

6. Some people get depressed and start asking questions regarding relationships. Sometimes, they blame themselves for the broken bond.

7. Some broken people avoid bars. They don’t want to hit on another person and fear the feeling of getting rejected once again. They choose to stay at home.

8. Some of the people become too nervy about their broken relationship. They make plans to seek revenge from their ex. And revenge plans could include anything from posting private information on internet to sharing some intimate details or weaknesses of their ex with common friends.

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