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Eight Reasons Train Travel is better Than Planes

Eight Reasons Train Travel is better Than Planes
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When we go on holidays, we try to find the cheapest flight to book. Most of the times, people prefer to book flights to save time. However, travel with train is better than planes for medium and long-distance travel. Here are 8 of the reasons why train travel is better than air travel.

1. Journey by trains offers passengers to view the most amazing landscapes, while on planes, you will not be able to enjoy some of the great sightings.OMGA0208-1
2. Traveling through train is cheaper than planes. In addition, many railway networks offer discounts for students. A first-class sleeper service costs less than a first-class plane ticket.OMGA0208-2
3. If you are traveling through planes, you have to pass a series of queues, while can miss the hell of airport security if you choose to travel by train.OMGA0208-3
4. In case of planes, you have to reach airport many hours before the plane takes off, but if you are traveling by train, you don’t have to be at the station hours before your journey.

5. There are always a number of empty seats in a train. If someone around your seat is annoying you, you can find a new seat.

6. In trains you don’t have to follow a series of rules. You are allowed to get up and walk around anytime. Even at stations where the train stops for longer duration, you can have a stroll.

7. You can relax during the travel, have chat with friends and co-passengers and can even play some games.

8. During your journey through train, you don’t need to switch off your phone and can easily user electronic devices. Also, there won’t be turbulence during your journey by train.

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