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Five Sex Myths No Woman Should Believe

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Sex is a topic that we usually discuss behind closed doors. As it is among the little-spoken topics, a number of people around the globe have misconception about sex. Here are five sex myths that no woman should believe.

1. Sex after marriage is the Healthiest: Some people think marriage is a license to have sex, which is not true. Sex does not depend on whether you are married or not. If you also think married sex is the healthiest, then think again.
2. Sex Every Night Leads to Happy Marriage: It is a myth that you have to have sex every night with you partner for a happy marriage. It depends on you and your partner. Sometimes, sex twice a week is also a good idea.

3. Women don’t Have any Sexual Problems: Women can also have sexual problems such as low arousal, painful intercourse or lack of orgasm. These problems can put women off sex.

4. Men Will Stay Away From You If You Don’t Wax: If you do waxing, good! But if you don’t, then there is still no problem. For men, it doesn’t matter whether you wax or not. They are perfectly fine.

5. You Don’t Conceive If You Have Sex When You Are On Your Period: If you are among the people who think women don’t conceive if they do sex when they or on their period, then it’s the time to change your views. Sex while having menstruating does not lead a way to avoid pregnancy.

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