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10 Things That Happen When You Work In An Office

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Office is a place where you spend a number of hours daily. Office life has its own pros and cons, but there are many things that happen with almost everyone who get a new office job.

1. While working at office, you suddenly realize that you have started loving caffeine. You love to take tea or coffee to concentrate on your work.OMGA0225-1
2. You have two types of people around you: one who stays cool in every situation and the others who are aggressive all the time.OMGA0225-2
3. When your boss messages you to come and see him in his office, you start assuming you have done something wrong and you’re about to be fired. OMGA0225-3
4. Your Facebook account shows too many friend requests from your colleagues.OMGA0225-4
5. While working in an office, you develop a work tone and you use it with people outside your office.OMGA0225-5
6. To stay connected with friends outside you office, you begin using your work email as your personal email.OMGA0225-6
7. ‘Lunch time’ becomes the best time of the day for you. You think your life changes during lunch time.OMGA0225-7
8. You develop a crush in office. You stare at their face even when you are working. You make excuses to talk to them.OMGA0225-8
9. You found that someone is talking against you. Suddenly, you start making bond with people against that person.OMGA0225-9
10. You come to know about personal lives of your colleagues.OMGA0225-10

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