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5 simple strategies to bully proof your kids

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Children are often bullied in school, which in turn make them irritated, depressed in life. Here are some simple strategies to bully proof your kids:

1.    In school, to be a part of fights is a very common thing. The reality is that life is harsh, and everyone faces violence at some time. If you want your kid to walk with confidence, teach them how to defend themselves in case bullies become physical. OMGKAV01222-1
2.    Make it a habit to talk to your kids regularly about how was their day, what all happened to them during the day and how those things made them feel. Such a kind of thing will help them in understanding their own feelings. They will be able to build empathy for themselves and others. The earlier you will start getting opened up with your kids, the more willing they will be to open up to you later on, even if it’s to tell you things you don’t want to hear.OMGKAV01222-2
3.    Always believe your children, but check things out for yourself. Make sure to get all the details before jumping to conclusions. There’s a good chance your child may be the bully.OMGKAV01222-3
4.    At times kids tell you that their stomach hurts, they don’t want to go to school or someone in their class is bugging them note down that these can all be signs of bullying. Make sure you’re truly involved in your child’s life without violating their privacy, and listen to the verbal cues they give.OMGKAV01222-4
5.    Always keep in mind that they learn from you. You’re likely responsible for the way your child acts. Do you bully your kids, or do you involve them in family decisions and value their contributions? Try to set the example for your kid, so lead by example and show compassion in your own dealings. OMGKAV01222-5

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