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5 Weirdest Rumors About iPhone

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People around the world wait for every new model of Apple’s iPhone. The company doesn’t need much of spending on promotions as people are eagerly waiting for it always and technology blogs are busy finding the details of models before launch. However, sometimes, the rumors circulating on the internet don’t come out to be true later. There are some weird rumors about iPhone and some of them have been listed:

1. Sapphire Screen: Earlier, there were rumors that the company’s iPhone 6 could have screen made up of super-hard sapphire. After the phone’s launch, it got cleared that reports about sapphire screen were rumors.OMGA0226-1
2. Glass Body: This rumor about iPhone has been circulating since the launch of iPhone 4. According to the reports which haven’t been verified till date, the phone’s entirely body will have a glass body. Users will be able to see through the phone, as per the rumor. However, this hasn’t happened till date and we might not see much a model soon. OMGA0226-2
3. The Teardrop iPhone 5: This is another rumor about the phone’s design. There was a photoshopped image of the phone. According to the rumor, the phone will have a teardrop design. The rumors ended when the company launched the phone. OMGA0226-3
4. iPhone Math: It was among the most circulated rumors on the tech news websites. A trusted resource revealed that Apple has planned to launch a phone which will have a screen of 5.5 inches in size. The rumor was sooner debunked by the company.OMGA0226-4
5. Headphone Jack: The rumor was about the iPhone 6. According to it, the company will provide a set of headphones with a Lightning socket adapter. The rumor proved wrong when the company launched the phone.OMGA0226-5

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