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6 tips for women with curly hair

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1.    Curly hair needs a lot of moisture to stay healthy. Thus the best way to keep those gorgeous spirals shiny and bouncy is to shampoo less and condition a lot more.OMGA0193-1
2.    Never make a mistake of taking a hair cut when you have wet hair. By doing this you could welcome disaster. This is because curls tend to shrink when wet, you want to make sure you cut them at their dry length to prevent cutting too much off.woman in hair salon having treatment with hair brush
3.    Always comb the curls in the shower while they were being conditioned a long time ago and have kept this technique. You will notice that when you comb hair outside of the shower, as it dried, it would get really frizzy.OMGA0193-3
4.    Use paper towels. The reason behind this is that blotting the excess water from your hair after the shower with a towel can be too rough on your curls. If you use paper towels instead of a towel, you will remove excess water without risking possible hair follicle damage.OMGA0193-4
5.    If you want your curls to remain pristine, limit how much you flat iron your hair or avoid it completely.OMGA0193-5
6.    Curly hair could take forever to get completely dry. But you can let your hair air dry when possible.OMGA0193-6

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