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7 fun date ideas for couples without spending much

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Going on expensive dates, spending a lot of bucks, is not all what we call spending quality time with your partner.  It can bore you at times. Here are some of the fun date ideas for couples in which they don’t even need to spend much:
1.    If you are a music love then why not visit a music festival, after all it is a wonderful way to spend some time together. Such festivals happen across the country and although some may cost a significant amount of money, yet there are many those are free or charge a nominal fee.OMGKAV01228-1
2.    Plan a picnic and enjoy kite flying. Drive to a scenic overlook and have a picnic with an amazing view. All you need to do is search for scenic spots in your neck of the woods and go.OMGKAV01228-2
3.    Childhood is the best time of life, and sometimes the best dates are those that remind you of when you were a kid. For such a kind of thing carnivals are the perfect option. The lights, the sounds, the rides and the food. There are many carnivals, which offer free entry or charge only a small fee or a fee for parking. So, what are you waiting for stroll hand in hand, enjoy rides and eat a candy apple.OMGKAV01228-3
4.    If you are a wine lover then the ultimate in adult activities is ‘wining’. It can be an awesomely fun and inexpensive date. Wine tasting can prove the perfect date for you.OMGKAV01228-4
5.    Go out, find a local park with a lake and take a pedal boat ride if it is available. It’s a little slice of romantic when done on a beautiful day.????????????????????????????????????
6.    You can go to a dance classes. Classes like tango, ballroom, even hip hop, can be intimate experiences where in knowing your partner will enable you to truly enjoy it. You will get to spend quality and romantic time with your partner. OMGKAV01228-6
7.    This one is one of the strangest cheap date ideas with full of fun. Have a dream car in mind? Go to a showroom, look at your car, and pick up a promotional package and test drive it. It will definitely prove a nice break from reality, leaving both of you smiling for the rest of the day.    OMGKAV01228-7

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