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7 worst places to propose

7 worst places to propose
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If you are planning to propose somebody, here are the places where you should never propose your partner. Every girl dreams of the day when somebody proposes her, so it should be awesome. If a man proposes you at one of these places then do tell him to try again:

1.    Proposing a girl high in the sky, in airplane is a big no. Never propose a girl sitting next to her on a flight, it will not only ruin the chance but you would also be left with sitting with her for the rest of time on flight.OMGKAV01224-1
2.    Proposing somebody on a social website is not a good idea. How a girl can be assured that the profile of the guy proposing her is not hacked or whether it is he or a friend of him is playing a prank etc. So, better propose in person.OMGKAV01224-2
3.    Proposal is a personal thing, so never think of proposing a girl in a bar. Bars are a place to chill, hang out with friends, and not for getting engaged.OMGKAV01224-3
4.    Fast food place is not a classy place to propose your sweetheart. Take her to a peaceful, beautiful place, away from the hustle and bustle, and make her feel special.78196150
5.    Don’t propose a girl in a jewelry store, while buying her a ring. It’s not at all cool. OMGKAV01224-5
6.    Movie theatres are good for spending alone time while enjoying a flick but proposing a girl in the middle of watching a movie in dark theatre is a bad idea. Nobody wants to get disturbed in the movie.Purchase this image at
7.    Never drunk a girl when you are not in your senses, drunk. It will backfire badly.OMGKAV01224-7

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