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8 Things You Experience When All Of Your Friends Are Engaged or Married

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When your friends tell you that they are going to settle down, you go through two stages: shock and happy. Once they get married, you start experiencing strange things. Here is a list of things that you experience when all your friends are married or committed.

1. They become an example for you. You hardheartedly start taking your friends’ case for no reason. OMGA0223-1
2. You feel that you are too happy because your friends have found the real happiness. You genuinely congratulate them.OMGA0223-2
3. When you start spending some time with them, you realize you are sick in your mouth because your friends are very happy after marriage.OMGA0223-3
4. Your married friends start asking your plans about your plans to settle down.OMGA0223-4
5. You friends usually make plans to go out for a party. You feel strange when you come to know that the party is only for couple. OMGA0223-5
6. As you realize that most of your friends have been settling down, you start wondering whether you should be more serious about your own life.OMGA0223-6
7. For the first time, you start experiencing that marriage is a serious affair.

8. You get nostalgic about the time you had with your friends. You wonder if things will ever remain the same after your friends’ marriage.OMGA0223-8

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