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If you are feeling these 7 things, you are in a dead end relationship

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1.    External qualities can attract you but it’s not always that the attraction lasts long. Being attracted to a nice smile, a quick wit, a confident demeanor can hold a couple together for only sometime. If the attraction for your partner seems to have faded away then it is the indication that you are in a dead end relationship.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

2.    You have started wondering if there’s someone better suited for you. Although it’s quite normal that once in a while there are doubts and questions about the long-term prospects of your partnership comes in your mind, but don’t ignore the warning signs if they are frequent.OMGA0192-2

3.    You want ‘space’.  It’s normal that everyone needs individual time, but in case ‘me time’ has become much more appealing than ‘us time’, then you must consider it as a warning signal.Angry Couple

4.     In some relationships there is extreme jealousy, possessiveness, overdependence, or controlling behavior. Such actions and attitudes are the indications that one of the lovers lacks a solid emotional foundation.OMGA0192-4

5.    You have started feeling that you can be ‘completely yourself’ with this person. Trying to change or conceal your true self is a big indication that this isn’t a good match.OMGA0192-5

6.    If in a relationship, only one of the both is working hard to improve the relationship then it’s not right. In a healthy union, such two people are needed who both carry their weight and invest equally in the partnership.267004E.TIF

7.    You have started getting confused in your relationship. No more clarity is left in your heart.114324212

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