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10 Facts That Can Change Your Thinking About Babies

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No doubt babies are cute and different from adults. Here are some of the facts about babies that you probably didn’t know.

1.    Every three seconds a baby took birth and keeps the world going round. OMGVIS0231-1

2.    A human baby can have over sixty more bones than an adult. New born baby being treated just after the birth

3.    On birth, a very young child does not have kneecaps. They have a structure of cartilage that looks like kneecaps.OMGVIS0231-3

4.    Babies first recognize the voice and smell of their mom almost immediately after the birth. Identifying the mother visually could take a few weeks longer.OMGVIS0231-4

5.    Newborn babies can just see in black and white for a few months. OMGVIS0231-5

6.    Babies can’t cry technically because they are not able to produce tears. For the first few weeks, babies just scream.OMGVIS0231-6

7.    Babies grow mustaches when they are in the womb. Over a month, mustache spreads over baby’s entire body.OMGVIS0231-7

8.    According to a survey, breastfeeding a baby could be helpful in reducing a woman’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by about 22%.OMGVIS0231-8

9.    Babies born in May weigh more that babies who born in other months of the year.OMGVIS0231-9

10.    Sometimes, new born babies sleep with their eyes open.        OMGVIS0231-10

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