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10 Signs You Are A Selfie Addict

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Are you among the people who love to take pictures of your own? It could be an addiction! A selfie addiction!  Here are some signs which could prove that you are a selfie addict.

1.     Your phone has a high resolution front camera. You love to take picture and your day is planned through selfies. OMGVIS0233-1

2.    You love to post selfies on social media. Every day, you post 5 to 10 selfies on sites like Instagram and Facebook. You can’t wait to upload selfies.  OMGVIS0233-2

3.    Your all friends know about your addiction and call you ‘Selfie Queen’. OMGVIS0233-3

4.    Nowhere is off-limits. You can take pictures anytime and anywhere. OMGVIS0233-4

5.    You have so many selfies in your phone and can put a new display picture on each social media website every day.OMGVIS0233-5

6.    You are so obsessed with taking pictures of you that you were the first among your all friends to buy a selfie-stick.OMGVIS0233-6

7.    For you, taking selfie is like taking a pill in illness. A perfect selfie is like a painkiller for you. OMGVIS0233-7

8.    You just can’t end up taking one selfie. You can take more than ten selfies at one time. OMGVIS0233-8

9.    No occasion or event is complete without taking a selfie. It is the only thought in your mind when you are in a party. OMGVIS0233-9

10.    You love to teach others how to take a perfect selfie.            OMGVIS0233-10

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