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10 things no one will tell you about motherhood

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With motherhood, come a lot of responsibilities, and changes in you. Here is the list of 10 things no one will tell you about motherhood:

1. Your priorities change completely. When a woman becomes a mother, every single thing of her life changes. Her priorities in life start circling around her baby.OMGA0235-1
2. You will be left with no time for yourself. You can’t go out to gym, parties, hangouts etc., as you will be left with no time for yourself. You will remain occupied in the chores related to your little baby. In fact, even you won’t feel like going away from your baby even for a second.OMGA0235-2
3. You will be extremely exhausted. Initially, your baby will make you stay up the whole night and his activities will change every timetable of your life. This interrupted sleep will play havoc with your energy levels.OMGA0235-3
4. Breastfeeding is not at all an easy job. It’s quite tough. In reality you can take up to six weeks to learn how to breastfeed your baby.OMGA0235-4
5. All babies are different, no two are same. So, what works for one baby doesn’t work for another baby, due to which you have to find out by trial and error what works best for your baby.OMGA0235-5
6. You body will go through a lot of changes. You will be most unfit you have ever been. After the birth of your baby, your body feels like it is most unfit it has ever been. Your muscles get stretched during pregnancy and you generally put on extra weight for breastfeeding.OMGA0235-6
7. Worry has become a permanent part of your life. Maybe it is your hormones, but you imagine the worst situations and worry about your baby the whole day. You feel extremely protective of this little bundle you have been looking after for some time as you know they are completely dependent on you for everything.OMGA0235-7
8. You can’t imagine the life before they existed. It all seems like a dream. Once you become parent, your entire life changes. You become focused on their needs rather than your own and it is hard to remember your old life.OMGA0235-8
9. At times you may feel isolated. This is the case, if you are used to work in a social environment. It can be hard for you to be at home looking after your baby alone. Thus it is important for you to get out every single day, even if you go out for a quick walk round the park.OMGA0235-9
10. You love your baby more than anything else in the world and this makes everything worth it. Your baby becomes the apple of your eyes.OMGA0235-10

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