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10 Things That Happen Only At Indian Weddings

10 Things That Happen Only At Indian Weddings
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Marriage in India means dance, food, meeting relatives and lots of fun. In India, wedding is a perfect blend of rituals and customs. There are many things that can only be found in Indian weddings. We are listing a few things which show why Indian weddings are unique.

1.    Four generations of a family can be seen together enjoying the joyful event. OMGVIS0238-1

2.    Unlike western weddings, Indian marriages last for more than two days, with additional parties, sangeet and reception, which means more food, more fun and more traditions.  OMGVIS0238-2

3.    Marriage is the only occasion in India, where kids have the real freedom. During the occasion, Indian parents let their children loose and do whatever they want to do.OMGVIS0238-3

4.    A fat Indian wedding in incomplete without yummy food. It the one of major reason why most of the people prefer to attend a wedding. Over the years, the menu items have increased only.OMGVIS0238-4

5.    During the weddings, you get an opportunity to bond with your cousins. You share several things with them and have some drinking sessions.OMGVIS0238-5

6.    A lot of money can be seen moving around during a wedding. Sister-in-laws are allowed to steal the groom’s shoes. To give them back, they demand for money. OMGVIS0238-6

7.    You can dance like crazy during an Indian wedding. For that, you don’t have to be a professional dancer. And, once a few rounds of liquor have been served, old Uncles start showing their dance moves.OMGVIS0238-7

8.    A wedding in India is incomplete without free-flowing alcohol. The more the better.Waiter with dish of champagne, wine and juice glasses; Shutterstock ID 71511208; PO: The Huffington Post; Job: The Huffington Post; Client: The Huffington Post; Other: The Huffington Post

9.    It is the only occasion where ladies get an opportunity to show their over the top jewelry.OMGVIS0238-9

10.    You meet relatives you didn’t know even existed. Some oldies would hug and kiss the kids without the kid being aware of who these distant relatives are.         OMGVIS0238-10

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