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7 delightful benefits only people who meditate would know

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There are a number of benefits of Meditation. Here are 7 delightful benefits only people who mediate would know:

1. Do you know that meditation boosts positive emotion, lowers negative emotion, and strengthens coping mechanisms? Now, it has become one of many tools that schools and workplaces have decided to employ in order to increase well-being of students and workers.OMGA0231-1
2. Meditation is a stress buster. People who meditate don’t hold on to grudges, or fear, or pain. When we meditate, we turn up our ability to be compassionate and empathetic.OMGA0231-2
3. People who meditate regularly have reported greater sense of creativity.OMGA0231-3
4. When we meditate, we spend time with ourselves and thus feel a greater sense of connection to others.OMGA0231-4
5. In a study, when people who experience chronic pain due to disease were taught meditation, they reported a reduction of pain and an increase of their tolerance for the pain they had. Meditation actually changes the brain and teaches it the skill of self-generating positive emotion.OMGA0231-5
6. People who meditate use that sense of connection to become more pro-social. That is a fancy way of saying that people who meditate are more likely to volunteer, donate or be heroic.OMGA0231-6
7. There is a nerve called vagus nerve, which literally connects the heart to the brain. A study has found that people who meditated for up to 15 minutes once a day showed improved vagal tone. This means reduced levels of stress chemicals like cortisol. Reducing the body’s exposure to these while improving vagal tone has been shown to decrease chance of stroke and heart attack.OMGA0231-7

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