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7 Good Luck Charms From Around The World

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Do you believe in luck? Do you carry a good luck symbol to boost your chances of winning? There are many people around the world who believe that there are some good luck charms which can help in warding off evil. Here are some of the good luck charms which are famous around the world.

1.    Coins: According to some people who believe in lucky charm, keeping a coin could bring good luck. As per the saying ‘see a penny, pick it up and you will have a good day. Leave it there and you will despair’.OMGVIS0232-1

2.    Ladybird: Yes, we are talking about the insect: Ladybird. If the insect lands on you, you are considered to be lucky. ????????????????????????????????????

3.    Acorn: As per some people, a single acorn could protect the home from lightning strikes. To be lucky, it is necessary to put the acorn on a windowsill. Crocuses, acorn and nest by window

4.    Horseshoe: Horseshoes are considered as powerful good luck charms. According to a legend of Saint Dunstan from the 10th century, he trapped a devil in a horseshoe.OMGVIS0232-4

5.    Dragon: According to some legends, a dragon statue could be useful to advance career-wise. A dragon statue as lucky charm can give you leadership skills and nurture your position in the corporation. OMGVIS0232-5

6.    Laughing Buddha: The statue of laughing Buddha has been considered as lucky because it gives maternal wealth. OMGVIS0232-6

7.    Wishing Well: There is a number of wishing well around the world. According to people, to be lucky, it is essential to toss a coin into a well.    OMGVIS0232-7

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