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7 reasons why being a people pleaser is not always a bad thing

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It is often considered that the people pleasers don’t have their own say. They always follow others. But here are the reasons why being a people pleaser is not always a bad thing:

1. Because people pleasers are very good at finding ways to minimize friction within a social circle. They want everyone to be happy, and their knowledge of what makes people happy gives them a strong talent for resolving conflicts.OMGA0232-1
2. Most of the people pleasers are very likeable, and very good at making small talk. They are very sociable, outgoing people, and such a high level of confidence and friendliness means that people will naturally gravitate towards them. As a result of this level of approachability, they have a broad social circle and support network.OMGA0232-2
3. Generally, it is said that agreeable people succeed in their careers by ‘sucking up’ to their superiors. But the case is opposite, as people pleasers tend to do well because they will go the extra mile to make friends and forge lasting social and work-based relationships with colleagues.

4. They have an ability to find common ground with almost anyone, which gives them a highly approachable, friendly and confident demeanor.OMGA0232-4
5. People pleasers often take a genuine interest in the lives of others. Although, at times people can find this personality trait nosy or pushy, but people pleasers are among the few people who will show a genuine interest in what you are doing and will be the first to offer their assistance if you are in any trouble.OMGA0232-5
6. People pleaser has an ability to strike up a conversation with almost anyone, which gives them a significant advantage when put in a new, unfamiliar situation. They tend to learn how things are done in a new environment with remarkable ease.OMGA0232-6
7. Such people often have a surprising amount of knowledge they have picked up through interacting with so many people. You know what talking and listening to people we meet is one of the most effective ways of learning new thoughts, ideas and perspectives on things.OMGA0232-7

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