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8 Surprising Facts About Hunger You Probably Didn’t Know

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There are several people around the world who suffer from hunger. It is the world’s number one health risk. Here are some of the surprising facts about hunger.

1.    As per the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, about 11% of world’s population is undernourished.ccf factory on coffee in dili. photo by Martine Perret/UNMIT 10 July 2009

2.    Each day, more than 15,000 children die from disease linked to hunger, which means one child every five seconds. OMGVIS0236-2

3.    About 6% of the people who are undernourished are women.OMGVIS0236-3

4.    In today’s developing world, over 1.4 billion people currently have been living below the international poverty line.OMGVIS0236-4

5.    The world has enough food to feed the entire world, but still most of it is getting wasted.OMGVIS0236-5

6.    According to reports, in Sub-Saharan Africa, about one in four individuals remain chronically undernourished. In Asia, which is the world’s most populous region, there are more than 520 million hungry people.OMGVIS0236-6

7.    Women could be better than men if they will be given more power over household decisions. According to reports, women can reduce hunger for more than 150 million people.OMGVIS0236-7

8.    Poor nutrition becomes the cause of about half of deaths in children under five, which means over three million children every year.      OMGVIS0236-8

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