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Eight Weird Things You Don’t Know About Death

Eight Weird Things You Don’t Know About Death
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One day, we all are going to die. Nobody knows what happens after the death. Do you think you know everything about death? If yes, then you must think again. Here are some weird things about death.

1.    Nothing is bad than attempting suicide. There are several ways to committee suicide, but you cannot take your own life by holding your breath. OMGVIS0197-1

2.    A human head can stay conscious even after 15 seconds after decapitate. Cockroach is able to live for nine days even without its head. OMGVIS0197-2

3.    According to Japanese culture, cats have healing powers. They can save your life with their magical power.OMGVIS0197-3

4.    As per some reports, no American has died of old age since 1951.OMGVIS0197-4

5.    Three days after the death of a person, the enzymes that once helped the body in digesting food begin to eat the person. OMGVIS0197-5

6.    Coconut kills more people than shark. As per reports, an individual can be more likely to get killed by a coconut falling from a tree than an individual from a shark attack.OMGVIS0197-6

7.    There are some creatures on the planet that don’t die from old age. Jellyfish and hydra are among those creatures.
8.    You visit a doctor because you think they will assist you in dealing with a disease. According to some reports, poor handwriting of doctors causes more than 5,000 deaths annually.

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