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Top 5 Strongest Earthquakes ever Recorded

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Earlier, Nepal witnessed a strong earthquake which killed more than 9,000 people and destroyed a number of historical places. Do you know, the earth has witnessed more devastating earthquakes in the history? Here are the top five strongest earthquakes ever recorded.

5. Arica in Peru: Currently, Arica is in Chile. The earthquake jolted the place on 13 August, 1868. This pacific basin earthquake was also felt in Hawaii. The earthquake of magnitude 9 killed more than 25,000 people. OMGVIS0237-5

4. Kamchatka in Russia: On 4 November, 1952, an earthquake of magnitude 9 shook the volcanic Russian peninsula. Damage after this earthquake was too extensive. In 1952, US$800,000- US$1,000,000 were wasted by the quake. OMGVIS0237-4

3. Off the west coast of northern Sumatra: Who doesn’t know about those killer Tsunami waves? In December 2004, an earthquake of magnitude 9.1 was triggered by ‘megathrust’ as the Indian tectonic plate was forced beneath the Burmese plate. About 14 countries across Asia and east Africa were affected by the earthquake. The quake killed more than 200,000 people. OMGVIS0237-3

2. Prince William Sound in Alaska: In 1964, an earthquake of magnitude 9.2 devastated the Gulf of Alaska. The earthquake was responsible for more than 100 deaths and over $311m worth of damage.  OMGVIS0237-2

1. Valdivia Earthquake: The city in Chile was shaken by a magnitude of 9.5 in May 1960. It was the strongest earthquake ever recorded. The quake killed more than 4,000 people and injured many. A day after that earthquake, Volcán Puyehue spewed ash 6,000m into the air. OMGVIS0237-1

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