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10 Things Everyone Misses About College Life

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The moments that we live in a college are always the most memorable ones. College is a place where an individual live life to the fullest. Here are some of the things everyone misses about college life.

1.    During college days, you live with your friends in college hostel. After college, you miss waking up hangover in mornings and then recounting previous night’s episodes. OMGVIS0243-1

2.    Various activities that you performed in your hostel room. Such activities made it much more than a room.OMGVIS0243-2

3.    After college life, you will surely miss never having to eat alone.OMGVIS0243-3

4.    When you were in college, you used to wear anything. But after life in college, you are bound to wear formal clothes.
5.    Friends you get in college are friends for your lifetime. You wish to stay in contact with them in future but you cannot remain in touch with them. Group of students talking and holding notebooks outdoors; Shutterstock ID 73697092; PO: test; Job: dev; Client: drone

6.    Love affairs. When you were college, you daily had ridiculous stories to hear.Smiling students talking outdoors

7.    You will miss that one person who used to analyze your crush’s texts and advice you how to respond. ph-gates

8.    In college, we loved to see the new juniors. After college, you don’t have reason to party with other people.OMGVIS0243-8

9.    Not attending a class just because you don’t want to.OMGVIS0243-9

10.    Directly reaching exam halls with red eyes.


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