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10 Things We Secretly Love About Our Mother

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Every year, people around the world celebrate ‘Mother’s day’ to show their moms how much they love them. Mother is a girl’s best friend, while for her son, she is the one who holds his hand for lifetime. Mother’s Day is every day because she is only one who stands with you in any circumstance. There are countless things we love about our mother and some of them are:

1.    She always cooks the best food. Time doesn’t matter for her as she can cook our favorite food anytime. OMGVIS0247-1
2.    She cares for us. Sometimes, she irritates us by asking a number of questions, but those questions are always for our better.OMGVIS0247-23.    When you are out, she calls you after every five seconds just to make sure you are okay. She keeps calling until you pick it up.OMGVIS0247-34.    Whenever she goes for a shopping, she buys something for every member of the family. Excited Shopping Woman5.    She does not judge us like other people in the world. Young happy smiling woman with apple, outdoors6.    She is your best friend and guide. You can discuss anything with her without any fear. She gives you the best advice.OMGVIS0247-67.    Sometimes, when dad scolds us, she is the one who save her from the father’s wrath.OMGVIS0247-78.    No one can dare to speak against her children when she is around.OMGVIS0247-8
9.    She chooses to postpone her plans to buy a new dress for her just to make sure you are getting money for a party. OMGVIS0247-910.    She loves you unconditionally. She also knows how to make you feel happy when you are low.Mother together with the son. Tenderness, love and care.

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